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Art is a language... Too bad I'm horrible at conversation.

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Salutations. As it so appears, I've gone and submitted a sketch to the NG emoticon collab; well, technically I worked on it to the point where I'd refer to it as a finished 'piece', but that is still just a technicality. Spags is quite the collab organizer (he's a bit harsh at times, but he definitely gets the job done by being so). I await to see his demented amalgam with bated breath (not really, because that would be unhealthy for my lungs, and I doubt my sleep deprived body could manage that; which is strange, now that I think of it: I can run approximately 5 miles in 45 minutes and I don't really get winded, but when I lose sleep I can't even breathe). Regardless, I hope everyone is doing swimmingly; I know I am (or I soon shall be, once I attach this ballast to my ankle and toss it in the lagoon). I really appreciate all of your support, and getting "Best Art of The Year" for me was really heartwarming (I don't know where this metaphor came about but it reeks of the ashes of festering cremation). Throughout the years it's been the small (actually quite big) things like these that have re-instilled hope in my pathetic little existence (particularly in my artistic endeavors, which I often find futile and painfully enjoyable). I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all; so thank you, everyone on Newgrounds, for your kindness and consideration.

Oopsie. Almost forgot that drawing I was blathering about. I don't know how the background really came about, but I'm glad it did (otherwise this would have ended up like my other unfinished pieces of shi- I mean art). My initial sketch had this dude just randomly pointing--as if to infer of something; it wasn't really going where I wanted it to so I just started fu- fumbling around with watercolors and this is what I got: [link]

Here's what my notebook looked like for college algebra:

Update (The First of May, 2012)

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